Apr 11, 2011

Spring Retreat

My local group Hoosier Stitchers had the Spring Retreat this past weekend. It was at Camp Rivervale which is south of Bloomington. It's a church camp. We had such a fantastic time. I got there Thursday. I worked on a WIP I had been working on. Here is a picture of it.

I don't have much more to do. The last part says Enter in case you didn't figure that out. Friday I pulled out my HAED Pirate Dragon. With the Treasure Dragon screaming Stitch Me I haven't worked on the Pirate Dragon in I don't know how long. Here is where it started...

Friday I got 400 stitches in. Here is the picture as of Saturday morning...

Saturday I got 400 stitches in as well. It was my goal for the day. Here is my progress...

Sunday I woke up and knew I only had a few hours. I thought about packing up and then realized if I worked really hard and got 200 stitches in I would have done 1,000 stitches total which just seemed fantastic. So I sat down and really worked hard.....

So I got a total of 1,000 stitches! I was so happy with myself. Too bad I can't make that much progress every weekend. I would actually finish this soon haha. I think I'll try a monthly thing which my HAEDs. I will try to work on Pirate Dragon this month and then Treasure Dragon next month. Maybe that will help me get progress on both. I'll also work on some little things in there too. I need to start on my April ornament some time soon. But right now the Pirate Dragon is screaming at me haha. I feel so motivated after spending the weekend with my lovely Hoosier Stitchers. I really got to know so many new ladies this time. I appreciate it so much. Each one of us is so different and yet cross stitching brings us together. I'm very thankful to be part of the group. Now I just have to wait till the Fall Retreat....Is it time yet?


  1. I know you must have had a ball at the retreat! Can't wait to meet up at PALS in October.

    Your Dragon Pirate looks fabulous! I know Jeremiah is thrilled with this piece.

  2. Wow! You did great on the dragon. Kudos. Glad you had a good time at the retreat.


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