Apr 4, 2011

Weekend Update

I just can't believe it is April already. I swear time just never slows down for even a second. My grandmother's procedure went perfect. She was back home in less than 24 hours. I'm so happy cause I had this weird feeling and I was so glad it was over. She said her foot already feels warmer than it has in months so evidently it really opened up her circulation.

Saturday we headed off to hit a sale in a town nearby. Mom has been there last year and got a ton of stuff for her business. When we got there no one was there. We found out it's next weekend. Nothing like getting a head start right? LOL So it ended up being a relaxing day. I spent too much time on Facebook as always haha. I love Frontierville but it's so addictive. Sunday Mom, Jeremiah, and me headed off to Decatur. They have a flea market the first Sunday of every month. We joked about it probably being moved to the 2nd with our luck but it was there. We got 6 bags worth of stuff for mom's business. So we said It's official the start of the 2011 buying season haha. Then we headed down to visit Grandma. She is doing great. Tired but hey at 87 you get the right to be tired I think! Last night we had a wrestling pay per view. It was the big one Wrestlemania. It was mixed...Good endings and horrible endings. Jeremiah said it was worth being excited over though haha.

This week will probably go quickly. Today is laundry and getting food ready for my weekend retreat. I'm going to get it in the freezer today then I can work on other stuff this week. I HAVE to go get new glasses. These are killing my eyes and by night I'm getting head aches and my eyes really are sore. So hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday I can get them. Thursday I head to my retreat. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and relaxing the weekend away in my PJ pants.


  1. Sounds like you have had great fun shopping and nothing like being organised. Over here in the UK we have PJ days. Take a day off work and stay in your PJs all day doing whatever you want................I adore PJ Days. Have a great retreat.

  2. you never slow down, do you?? WOW!!!
    Sure hope you get your new glasses in time for the retreat!!!!!!


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