Dec 26, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 26

Monday, December 26, 2011
What was your favorite gift you got this year?

This is the writing prompt for today and there is NO way I can answer it.

Wow what a time! It's kind of a blur but it was all fantastic. We had so much fun down at my Dad's and then the other family stops. We ended up trying to get home Christmas Eve at about 8pm. Our poor dogs were at home with their legs crossed. We made the last turn to come home and Fred's truck died. Right in the middle of the road of course as we were turning. So our already crazy day ended up with Fred walking the leftover distance home to get my van and pulling the truck back home. So we ended up at home about 9pm instead. We did find out it's just the battery or at least we hope so. I've never heard of it dying on the way driving.

We woke up to a room full of presents. Jeremiah said Poor Santa's back must have been hurting from all those presents haha. The worst part of being spoiled is answering the question So what did you get?

Jeremiah got 6 new Xbox 360 games, a ton of Lego Halo toys, and several board games. The family got him a lot of fun things. Lego Kits, Xbox points, clothes, new socks, and I can't remember what else. Fred got a new laptop, new HAM radio, new clothes, and lots of other stuff. My dad gave us both $ and we are having a blast spending it in our minds haha. I got lots of stitching stuff which is so cool. New curtains for my windows, Walking Dead series on DVD, and I'm sure a lot of other stuff I'm forgetting. Fred got me a massage!!! I got a 15 minute one for the first time at my local retreat. This one will be a full body 1 hour long one! I can't believe it. Anyway I know I'm forgetting stuff. Just basically we were SPOILED rotten.

The one big problem with being spoiled is knowing what to do first haha. I want to stitch everything and watch all the new DVDs. There is no time haha. Ohh I also got a puzzle and started and finished it yesterday. See told you I would forget. Anyway I will just stop trying haha. Fred has till Thursday off so it will be a weird fun filled week. Hope everyone had and keeps having a lovely holiday. I'm keeping my holiday spirit all week! That way I have time for everything haha.


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas, except for the truck breakdown.

    I hope it's only the battery. I was driving once and the engine just died. It was the timing belt/chain.

  2. I guess it didn't die... I just lost power. LOL


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