Dec 27, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 27

This is a Tribal Lobster pattern I got for Christmas along with several other fun can't wait to stitch patterns. I decided to start this one today. This is the photo of what it will look like finished. I'm working on the tail right now.

I'm still going crazy. There is so much I want/need/would like to be doing. I told myself today I had to sit down and stitch. So I did. I have so many thoughts going around in my head though. I really want need to get more organized. Plus I have a living room full of Christmas goodies that need to be put away. Yet I've just not been in the mood to start. I did decide today I'm going to my LNS (local needlework store) on Sunday. They are having a big sale for New Years. I know I have at least 6 pieces I need fabric for. So might as well get it on sale price right? I'm such a hermit it's shocking I'm thinking of going out. Plus Amber asked me to meet her for lunch tomorrow. So I actually might go out TWO times this week!!! Isn't that amazing haha.

Well I guess I'll get back to doing everything in my head. Wouldn't want to stop running circles around in my brain. I think if it keeps going I'm going to count it as exercise at least.


  1. I love the lobster design. It looks almost like a Quaker design. I think I have one similar to this lobster. If so, I will do a stitch along with you.

  2. I love these patterns honey; I have the Owl! I am anxious to see your progress on this one. Are you going to use a varigated thread?


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