Jan 18, 2012

Chairs of Death

How can I have a finished Teresa Wentzler and a HAED on my wall and yet I can't finish a SIMPLE kit. This is totally killing me. I don't know why. Maybe it's the going from 2 threads to 4 to half stitches to full stitches to blah blah. I swear it takes longer than doing the worst confetti stitching on any HAED. But I compared pictures from Sunday and I AM making progress. Just SLOW progress. So I have 2 more days to work on this and I can treat myself to a new start. I can do it I can do it.

My mom is going through some health issues. She doesn't really like to share those kind of details. So I will just say if you can spare thoughts/prayers could you send them her way. Her name is Jodie and she's like my twin. We do everything together pretty much. I hate seeing her not healthy. I can't imagine losing her. She is going to try to take better care of herself and I really hope she can get her health turned around. It's a wake up call to have so many doctors tell you that you should be in a hospital. Having no health insurance really SUCKS. I have a dear friend that needs her gall bladder out and has for several years and no insurance for her means it's still in there causing problems. Heck though I have insurance....supposedly good insurance and I still owe $2,000 for getting my gall bladder taken out. That's RIDICULOUS! Just another thing that needs changed in this world full of crazy stuff.


  1. Sorry to hear that your mom is not feeling well. Sending healing thoughts her way.

  2. Great going on this, Katie. You can do it!! :D

    SOrry to hear about your mom and glad to hear that she's going to take better care. Hope she feels better soon.


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