Jan 11, 2012

Home Schooling Starts Again

For the new lookers of my blog I've been busy this week doing another important thing in my life. Home schooling my son. He is in 8th grade this year and I've been home schooling him since 3rd grade. He has a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy. It affects the connection between his legs and his brain. Walking unassisted is something he can't do right now. This translated to the school system treating him mentally handicapped cause if you are disabled you are stupid right? Not only did I have to deal with the overall school system but as everyone has heard bullying is a SEVERE issue. My son is a very very happy kid. He just loves life. It was being sucked out of him. He would cry so hard on Sunday night cause he knew the next day was a school day. That's so hard to watch as a mother. His love of life was dying right in front of my eyes.

I found out more information about home schooling and realized maybe it would work for us. It's perfect. We love to travel. So we were always pulling him out of school for vacations. We love being involved in his education. When he was in public school we could ask him what did you learn today?....Um....Well we went to recess....we ate lunch....nothing. Now we can all talk about his lessons in our everyday life conversations. It's perfect for us. I know there a WHOLE bunch of people out there that abuse it and do nothing. They just say they are doing it and then sat on the couch the whole day doing nothing. We buy a full curriculum that could be used in a school system. It's expensive but worth every penny.

Anyway we took a Christmas break and this Monday we started back up. Monday we had English and Math. Yesterday we had Math and Social Studies. The curriculum breaks down what you have to do each week and as long as we get that done we are doing fantastic!!!

After school I've also been getting lots of stitching in. I'm working on the Tribal Lobster. I wasn't really into it the first day I worked on it and then suddenly my needles took off flying. I made A LOT of progress. I will wait to take a pic in a few days and it will hopefully be finished! I'll leave ya with this cute picture I found....


  1. Cute pic, hehehe. I'm sure Jeremiah is way ahead of his peers being home schooled. :D

  2. My goodness! He's an 8th grader already?? I remember when you started homeschooling. Time flies by, doesn't it?


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