Nov 29, 2012

Another Round Robin Finish

I finished a piece on another Round Robin. This piece is called A Sampler Story by Brenda Keyes. I did this block which is perfect for me cause I love my dog! I had several choices and I just knew this one was mine. This is alot better than stitching Spiders haha. Here is the whole project as of now...
This is the perfect piece to do for a Round Robin that's for sure. Lots of little squares. Now I'm finished finally with all the have to stitch pieces and can get started on that Christmas freebie I posted a few posts ago.


  1. Thank you for stitching on this Katie! It is looking fabulous! Can't wait to get it home and finish the rest of the squares! OR, maybe I should send it around the next time too!


  2. That's such a cute square that you stitched!

  3. You have been awarded the 2012 Liebster Award and can see it at: htt://

  4. What a cute RR that'll be once it's finished.


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