Nov 28, 2012

November WIPocalypse

It's a full moon which means it's WIPocalypse time. So let's go through my list and see what I got done since the last update.

 Got to the 3rd page on this one during this time.
Got to 3rd page on her too. I just realized I did that with 2 of my HAEDs in this span. Poor Good Book didn't even come out of the bag though.
Here is where I was and how far I got. In a perfect world I would have finished it. Oh well guess I will work on it next year.
  • The Perfect Man by Sweetheart Company
This was a start and finish for me. Just need a little gingerbread man button to finish it off.

Also have a Round Robin part finished...
I did the Spiders block. Which is hilarious cause I am terrified of Spiders.

Well I hope you had a great time and if you joined in the WIPocalypse hope you got a lot done.


  1. Great progress this whole month, Katie!

  2. Wow, your needles must be red hot! Great progress!

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  4. Great progress on the HAED!


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