Aug 27, 2013

Day # 2

This morning we did some driving around. We just happened onto this little park by a lock. I had no idea there was locks on the Mississippi so it was interesting to see. I found out now there are 29 locks on the Mississippi River. So we happened onto this park and guess what was right in front of us....a tug boat and a HUGE barge. It was so much fun to watch it go through the lock. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. It was a very emotional moment because we really believe my grandfather wanted us to be there and witness it. So we sent thanks to heaven for being in the right place at the exact right moment. Thanks Grandpa we enjoyed it.

Today we went shopping...

Mom was so happy to get to see the American Pickers store. She loves watching the show. Danielle doesn't work there anymore so that was too bad but it was still really neat to see and be in the store. We also found a few other antique stores in the area. There was also a Buffalo Bill Museum. We decided to go and I'm really glad we did cause it was very interesting indeed. Jeremiah really enjoyed it a lot. Gotta get that educational stuff in right? Tomorrow we hit the road again. Wonder what adventure we will have next?

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  1. I love American Pickers too! What a cool trip.


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