Aug 28, 2013

Day # 3

Today we hit the road again. We had a great time in Le Claire, Iowa but new adventures are awaiting. I forgot to mention my hobby of geocaching. I love geocaching. If you haven't heard of it basically it's a high tech hide n seek game. You use a hand held GPS unit to find hidden things and then get a point for finding them. One thing people in the hobby try to do is get as many states as possible. So with this trip we have the opportunity to add several states that weren't already on our found list. Yesterday we found one in Iowa right by our hotel. Today we found one in Nebraska at a rest stop...
I had just about gave up and then finally found it. I never think to look up for the geocache. The scariest part of today was making it through Omaha cause it has so much traffic but we made it right through. We settled in Lincoln, Nebraska for the night...
Now to get some rest and then see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for traveling along with us.

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