Jan 3, 2014

Dog Wisdom WIP

I worked on Dog Wisdom again yesterday. So here is my progress after 2 days.

I called Jeremiah's doctor yesterday. Poor guy said every time he coughed it felt like his ribs were breaking. I love his doctor and her nurse cause they know Jeremiah so well. I know there is A LOT going around. Even the answering service was changed cause of how bad it is. When I got through to the nurse she asked what the patient's name was and when I said Jeremiah she said Oh No Not Jeremiah. He's just so little and he gets knocked down so hard by typically cold's. We did end up with 7 inches of snow and we couldn't have got there if we wanted to cause our driveway was horrible. Anyway the nurse said she didn't want us to have to come out. So she talked with the doc and called in a prescription. (Thank you Doc!) Betty picked it up on the way home from work. She got stuck 3 times in the driveway and we got her pushed into Fred's spot where he parks. When Fred got home after eating dinner he went out and attacked the snow with the snow blower.

Anyway the med really seems to help Jeremiah a lot. He was able to rest yesterday and it really slowed down his coughing a lot! So hopefully he's on the road to recovery. I had recorded the Rose Bowl Parade (my favorite parade all year long!!) and we watched it together yesterday.

They are predicating even more snow this Sunday. Still is the early prediction stages but looks like a bad one. Maybe 7 more inches. It's -8 actual temp right now so this 7 inches isn't going anywhere. We are supposed to have the lowest temps in 20 years. We don't normally see negatives temps here. We have a full 7 day forecast of them. It's crazy! One day they are saying -17 actual temp!! Well I'm off to see what today brings. Hopefully cuddling under the blanket and stitching.


  1. Great progress Katie. Glad to hear that Jeremiah is doing better.


  2. Katie really coming along. I didn't get anything done today myself just a slow day for me.

    Mary Louise in IN

  3. Poor Jeremiah. It sounds like your doctor was brilliant though! Glad he is on the mend - Jeremiah, not the doctor :)


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