Jan 1, 2014


So today is not only the first day of 2014 but it's also a new moon. This means it's TUSAL time. What is TUSAL? Anyone playing along keeps their left over threads sometimes called orts or snippits. I put mine into this too cute ceramic jar a friend made by my stitching table...
When the new moon comes around we post a picture to share with everyone participating. TUSAL stands for Totally Useless Stitch ALong. Long story shortest it's a fun reason to blog about something I already do haha. For the end of 2013 I put all my orts into a see through ornament I found. Here is my pile of orts since the last new moon to add to my ornament...
I don't quite understand how all those threads squeeze into that ornament but they did. Now I'll start with a fresh empty ornament for 2014...
I got this too cute ornament holder this year for Christmas too. Works perfect. Now to work on filling it up! We'll see how I'm doing next new moon. I started a new project today in honor of the start to a new year. I picked Dog Wisdom. Here is my start...
We spent today watching movies. Poor Jeremiah has a head cold and has been coughing all day. He went to bed last night at 10pm and missed the ball coming down for the New Year. I recorded it and we celebrated today. We watched Grown Ups 1 and 2. What great comedies. Then we watched The Heat. Another wonderful comedy. Now we are catching up on Shield episodes we have on our DVR. We are getting a beautiful snow outside. They keep saying 4 to 7 inches. Last I saw outside it was gorgeous. Can't wait till morning. I love snow. All my friends pick on me cause I love it so much. They all hate it. They have to drive to work. Since I'm a stay at home mother plus I never really drive anywhere (I hate driving!) I don't have to worry about it. So I get cussed a lot haha. I'll put up with it to look outside and see that beautiful white covering on the ground.


  1. I've never seen clear ornaments that weren't the typical round ones. I like yours! Love your snippet jar, too.

  2. Great new start!! Poor Jeremiah! Hope he's feeling better soon! Love the ornament idea!!

  3. I love that idea, the ornament. Such lovely colored orts, too.

  4. I love the little ornament holder! I have never seen anything like that - great idea.

    I am a snow lover too. With working in a school, I am still worse than the kids and once interrupted a maths lesson by blurting out that it was snowing - oops!

    A lovely start on your Dog Wisdom too. I can't wait to see more progress as it is such a great design!

  5. Love your Snippit jar! Dog Wison is cute and looks like a pretty quick stitch.


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