Jan 12, 2014

Hospital Visit

Just like most everyone else in the world right now we've been dealing with the cold yuck that's been going around. My mom always gets hit the hardest. Of course she is the one uninsured. She started the horrible cough about a week ago and we were all worried it would get worse. It did. Finally after hearing her cough for a straight 2 hours and to the point she was going to pass out I said that's it. Let's go to the ER. (Hence the hilarious cartoon I found!)

They admitted her for observation. My mom has severe out of control diabetes and even with no food in her system for a week her blood sugar was in the 400's. So yes they wanted to get her cough under control but mostly they needed to stop her from getting so out of control worse. Betty sat with her till after dinner and then it was my shift. I got there and stayed till 7am this morning. With only 10 channels on the TV it was a long night. They did have Wifi so that helped. I was able to take my tablet and play my games. There wasn't enough lighting to read my book or stitch of course. I finally came home at 7:30am and crawled into bed. They are keeping her medicated to try to stop the cough. One nurse told us there is pretty much nothing they can do. It's a virus and it has to run it's course. Hopefully she will get to come home today with enough meds that she'll kick this thing.

I don't quite understand how missing one night of sleep is going to take me 3 days probably to feel like I'm rested. How does that work? LOL Hope everyone reading this is well.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom Katie. Hope she gets better soon. I have been dealing with a cough for several weeks now. Doctor told me it was asthma.


  2. Sorry to hear about your mum Katie. I hope that she is on the mend soon and feels better. It does tend to take a few days to catch up with lost sleep.

  3. Do hope your Mum feels much better by now, Katie.

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she is better soon.


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