Jan 10, 2014

No Reply Bloggers

I found this link awhile ago and just had to jump on here and share it...


I love reading the comments people post on my blog. I get them to my email inbox and reply to every single one of them. But there are at least 4 people that I can't send an email back to. You probably don't know it's setup this way. So go to that link and see please. I want to answer your questions.

Then I'll be able to finally stop looking like this cute picture...


  1. I have several who don't have a reply email either. It's annoying, especially if they ask questions. lol

  2. I'm with you on that Katie. I have quite a few people who comment regularly but I can't respond too. It is annoying as I feel like I am ignoring them.

  3. That photo is hysterical!!
    I THINK I have my blogger all set up correctly, but honestly I don't know? How can we check to see if we have it on "no reply" status? Guess if I hear back from you I'll know I am good! ha ha ha! thanks - kevin


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