Feb 23, 2014

Great Weekend

After the week we had last week we were just so glad to have a great weekend planned. We went up to Michigan City, Indiana. It's the in the north west corner. It's about 2 and a half hours away but the trip is so worth it. We got there Friday and our friends were swimming so we jumped in too. The water was warm enough to be okay for Jeremiah and he just swam and swam. We laughed so much with our friends.

Saturday we just hung out all day and laughed more. In the afternoon we swam some more. My friend's son's birthday party was in the evening. So we had pizza and cupcakes...yummy!! Later in the evening a few other friends shocked us by stopping by. It was a great surprise cause we hadn't seen each other for way too long. The picture above says it all. We might go months without seeing each other but boy when we do we have so much fun. One lady was sitting in the hot tub with us all and we were being us. The lady laughed and said Boy you guys would be fun to party with. We just laughed. We get told that all the time. No cares in the world. Just friendship and laughs. Now I have all those memories to smile about till the next time.

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  1. SOunds like you needed this past week-end afteer this past week.



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