Feb 14, 2014


Today is WIPocalypse so that means we check in with our projects and the progress that has been made. Also Measi made prompts for us to write about this year...

February 14 – Topic: How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time? Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!

I don't care how many projects I have going. I have a neat basket and these awesome envelopes that have my projects in them.
I just pick whatever is screaming Stitch Me and work on it. Lately I've been in love with the Cut Thru Pirate Ship. So I started working on it a week then working on other projects the next week then back to the ship. It's working right now.

So the post before this one is the Turtle Trot post and shows every project I've worked on since the last WIPocalypse on the 16th of Jan except one...
This is All I need is love...and a dog by Rovaris. It's not in my TT list but just screamed Stitch Me anyway.

I keep a little calendar and mark down what pattern I've worked on that day. Here is the breakdown on my time since the last check in...
HAED Grow - 1 Day
Hug the Dog - Started and finished 1 Day
Rovaris Dog - 2 Days
Dog Wisdom - 1 Day
HAED Grow Together - 3 Days
Cut Thu Ship - 13 Days
Winter by Cricket Collections - 2 Days
99 - 1 Day
Didn't Stitch at All - 4 Days

*Edited* Just realized I've made a lot more progress on the Ship since my TT post...
I finished the first page and the backstitching. I'm ready for the next page. Love it!!!


  1. Pirate ship is looking amazing!

  2. Pirate ship is looking great...so colourful!

  3. Wonderful progress on the Pirate Ship Katie.


  4. Good progress on Pirate Ship. On your WIP's do they fit into long envelopes or do you buy special envelopes? And what about the floss? Do you keep them in separate bags and if one is used in more than one project you just go looking for it? I tend to be a 1 project person unless I have a huge project going then I'll have 2. Now I do have a whole lot of UFO's to finish one day.
    That's another reason I only do one at a time, if I lay it down, I don't seem to pick it back up for years.

  5. I fold the fabric and they fit in the envelopes. I have the floss in plastic containers on bobbins if there are more than 10 floss. I have the names of the project inside on the cover of the container so I can easily tell which project it belongs to.

  6. Pirate ship is fantastic and I love your rotation log.

  7. Arrggg Matey... Ye pirate ship is sailing right along. ;-)

  8. Your stitching folders look lovely!! Pirate ship is looking very colorful:)

  9. Excellent work on the Pirate ship, very cool, and wow, you really progressed on all your TT projects too!

  10. Your project envelopes are so pretty! I have all my WIPs in gallon size Ziploc bags. The Rovaris dog is adorable. I also write down what I stitch on each day in a calendar.

    Your Pirate Ship looks incredible!

  11. I love your folders, so pretty and colourful!

    Have I ever mentioned that I love your pirate ship??

  12. Great organization! I've begun to designate an Iris scrapbook box for every project I work on. Easy to stack!

  13. Great projects! I love your organizational system.

  14. Everything looks great Katie! Where on earth did you ever get those cute envelopes for your projects - everything looks so organized.

  15. OMG - I LOVE your basket of WIPs - where did you get your cute envelopes?


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