Apr 10, 2014

April Turtle Trot

It's the 10th of April which means it's Turtle Trot time. We have picked 10 projects and you post your progress on the 10th of every month. It's a great way to look back and see what you've got done in the month. I've worked on 4 out of the 10 pieces.

1. 99 by Ink Circles
Got 2 more bottles and the 3rd shelf finished.

3. Cut Thru Bothy Pirate Ship
As you can tell this is still my focus piece. I'm on to page 4 now. I have the bottom 3 pages finished.

4. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
Slow but progress is progress.

8. Seasonal Fairy by Joan Elliott
I didn't have this one started. I worked on it a few days.

I also started a Advent SAL and worked on that during this time. Plus I've been doing a lot of everything else haha. I got bored and nothing was screaming stitch me. I'm really really itching for the start of our vacation next Thursday so nothing was making me happy. I just wanted to relax and play a game. Jeremiah has Diablo 3 for his Xbox 360. We've played it once but it's been a long time ago. So I thought hey that would be fun for a little bit. 3 days later in our spare time that's all we have done haha. We have so much fun playing together. Fred (hubby) even joined in Tuesday night and we all played. That was fun!! Another thing that happened was Thanks to Microsoft for dropping support of Windows XP I was in trouble. Both my desktop and my laptop use XP. So last night we went to our used computer store we've had good luck with in the past. Nothing used worked for what we wanted. Then we found it...
My NEW laptop. I've had 2 laptops and both were used. But the price and goodies was just too good to pass up. It's a Lenovo (IBM) Think Pad Edge 545. I was so scared about changing from XP. I hate change! Last night we got it and got home and I started to mess around. I'm hooked! I love it!! Now we just have to convert the desktop but there is time since I have this fantastic thing to use for vacation. I was mad at Microsoft but now I'm actually Thankful. I had no idea how slow I was running until I fired this thing up.


  1. Great progress on all your projects Katie. Yeah for your new computer.


  2. Katie

    What does this laptop use? Win 7 or WIn 8??
    HUbby has XP and is losing the ability to get into some websites.
    I keep telling him, it's time for a new laptop but we shall see.


  3. You have made great progress this month! I wish I had that much. haha
    I love seeing your progress with the Pirate Ship.

  4. Jackie you are setup as a no reply. So I can't respond to your email. I hope you get the message this way.

    It has Windows 7. The guy said Windows 8 is harder to learn when going from XP. Plus he said it still has some issues. So this was the best bet for now. He said Microsoft is going to keep it until at least 2020 at least from what he heard.

  5. Wow, great progress on all your pieces this past month :) Have fun on your vacation and enjoy that new laptop. Happy Stitching!!

  6. Great progress! I'm a little jealous but I'll get some stitching time in soon. ;-)


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