Apr 15, 2014

WIPocalypse Time

Its time for a WIPocalypse check in. What's that mean? A fun reason to blog about a hobby I love. Cross Stitching. On my goals page I have a list of what I would like to work on. On WIPocalypse day you post an update of what you've been working on since the last check in. Here's my breakdown of what I've worked on...

Pirate Ship - 12 Days
99 (Bottles of Beer on the Wall) - 2 Days
Dog Wisdom - 1 Day
Spring Fairy by Joan Elliott - 2 Days
Advent Animals by Brooke's Books - 1 Day (Finished # 1)
None - 13

Rather than post the pictures again I realized they are in the last few posts.

I've been doing a lot of no stitching as you can see. Even more than stitching on my Pirate Ship. I haven't picked up the needle in over a week. I've been busy doing lots of other things. I got hooked on Xbox with Jeremiah. I also got a new laptop and I've been having way too much fun learning all it's new features.

It's only going to get worse too cause I leave Thursday for a month long vacation. I'm going to take the Pirate Ship with me but honestly I'm also taking some books and I can't wait to make myself read again. I have always loved reading but I never take time for it any more. So I happily have some books set aside to pack.
I'm going to blog about my vacation. If you aren't bored just reading about my life...I hope you join me. I'm one happy girl and I'm so thankful to get to explore and see the things I get to see. I'm so extremely Thankful that my son gets to have all these experiences too. Life is good. Just can't stop smiling.


  1. Never boring reading your blog Katie. I love this post. Your happiness just shines through! Enjoy your vacation...I will enjoy coming along with you! What are you taking to read?

  2. Have a wonderful vacation Katie. I'm jealous. Tell Mickey hi for me.



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