Apr 26, 2014

Day 10

Today was Jeremiah's 16th birthday. It was a crazy fun filled whirlwind kind of day. I keep thinking back and then saying to myself Oh my gosh we did that today. I think we did a week worth of stuff in just one day.

We started our morning with Chef Mickey at our hotel. It's a breakfast buffet that was delicious and Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy came out to see us. We took the tram Magic Kingdom. We rode several rides including the Pirates of the Caribbean. We had a really good lunch and then Jeremiah's cold caught up with him. So we decided to come back to the room for a nap. Jeremiah was out snoring very soon after he laid down. He took an hour nap before we had reservations to go over to another resort and have a Laui. It's a dinner show. The food was fantastic but the show was even better. Jeremiah really enjoyed it a lot.

After the show we went back to Magic Kingdom. Our plan was to watch the light parade and the fireworks. We normally just watch the fireworks from our room but since it was Jeremiah's bday we wanted to experience it at the park. We quickly remembered why we don't do it that way. It was pure chaos. But it was perfect and priceless. We survived and it ended just being a perfect day (other than the Jeremiah being sick part of course but nothing we can do about that). Wow we still have 4 more days!!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday to remember, A very happy belated birthday to Jeremiah. xx

  2. What a lovely photo - love your matching t-shirts and funky shoes! Glad to hear you had a great day for the big birthday. Hope J's cold gets better very soon.

  3. Convey my belated birthday wishes to Jeremiah:)
    Glad to know that you all had a nice time.


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