Apr 27, 2014

Day 11

Another wonderful day. This morning we had a wonderful breakfast at Wave a restaurant here in our hotel. They had an absolutely delicious buffet. Then we headed out on a bus to Hollywood Studios. We timed everything perfect and got to do some things we had never done before. We watched a few really neat performance shows that we really really enjoyed...
Since Fred has really long arms he can do excellent selfies. We were watching a Light Camera Action show. They had car stunts and it was so much fun. Jeremiah couldn't believe it and my mouth hung open most the show. The boys were happy cause they found the Star Wars section...
I also just had to include this too cute photo we got today too...
We had so much fun. Made so many memories. We just can't stop smiling. We came back to the room and watched the fireworks. A lot less crowd that way!!!

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  1. What gorgeous photos and four matching t-shirts! Hope Jeremiah is feeling better. You all look like you are having a great time. I've never been to Disney but think we will have to plan a trip after seeing the Star Wars ship thingy you can sit on. My youngest Dominic would love that. The toy soldiers were my favourites from those films and you're right it's a cute photo.


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