Apr 28, 2014

Day 12

Our destination today is clear in this photo...Epcot. We had a great day. It was really hot but we still had a blast. One funny thing happened on the way to Epcot. We were walking down the pathway to the tram and there was a snake laying in our way. My mom hates snake. So I hurried to turn mom away so she didn't see it. Poor guy couldn't get off the path quick enough cause there was a wall on one side. He finally did get out of the way but mom was freaked out with every movement the rest of the day. Then while we were walking around in the park a squirrel went running by and mom screamed thinking it was another snake haha. It was kind of funny. We are having a blast seeing all the little lizards all over the place down here. They are everywhere we look.
We also had fun watching the dolphins. I didn't remember they had them here. They were doing some games with one of the dolphins. They showed him a shape and then he had to swim over and find the match. He got every one right. It was so amazing to watch. We had a fantastic lunch at my favorite restaurant The Coral Reef. One whole wall of the place is a HUGE aquarium.

After eating we were about done. We had a few more things to do then we headed back to the room. When we got back we thought we heard thunder. Perfect timing for being home safe and sound the skies let loose. We were going to go back to Downtown Disney but decided to just get food here at our hotel. My feet are thankful for the break.

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  1. More stunning photos! Your hubby reminds me a little of my baby brother. Hope Jeremiah is feeling better x


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