Apr 18, 2014

On the Road Again Day 2

We arrived at our next stopping point. Today seemed to take longer. We had a very nice stop at the Tamarack. We always enjoy stopping there when we at going down 77. It was another nice visit and perfect time for lunch. I'll include two pictures at the bottom of my message. One is the building and one is Jeremiah posing with a cute creature they had for sale.

After the stop we had 3 hours to go. We saw a sign that said congestion from mile marker 30 to 10. Boy was it ever correct. Sometimes we just barely rolled. But we survived. We are north of Charlotte, NC in a town called Mooresville. We got our dinner delivered from a local pizza place. It was yummy. Jeremiah is playing his Nintendo DS. The internet isn't too good here so Youtube doesn't want to cooperate. Hey guess what I did last night? I finally cracked open my book. I quickly fell in love and I'm already on page 30 I think haha. I sure missed reading. Well that was day #2.

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