May 4, 2014

Day 18

This vacation has been so amazing. We've pretty much had three separate vacations. Tybee Island, GA. It went very nice. Kind of sight seeing and going to the fort. Disney which was amazing and fun. Now is the 3rd part the beach vacation. Today was the start since yesterday was kind of move in day and groceries. We did some driving around. We found another public beach area. Jeremiah's wheelchair refuses to move on sand. So we started walking down the path to see the beach. It was a long long walk. So we bench jumped. Jeremiah reached his limit before we got to the actual beach. But the last of the benches we stopped at was amazing. There was at least 300 lizards. We watched these two birds building a nest in a bucket ON a grill. (I don't think that's the best place for a nest.) We saw a millipede or centipede (basically some bug thing with a thousand little legs haha). Also all around us was shells. Kind of crazy to be so far from the beach and yet find a million sea shells. It was the ones we love to find too so that was really cool. We kept laughing about people thinking we were insane to be so far from the beach looking for shells but we were finding them in the shade at a bench so they can laugh away. I said they must mulch with shells down here cause they were just everywhere. Here is a pic of us at the bench spot...
 It was called Bowman's Beach...
We will definitely be back. There is a bike rental place down here that rents all kind of things. They even have beach wheelchairs. So we rented one to use for the week. It works so well!!!
Now we won't have any problems going back to that beach. We went out to test it by our hotel. There isn't as many shells right here. Well there is but we like the other kind we were finding down at the public beach. We can load up this beach chair and take it with us so that will be very nice. Here is a picture of our condo building...
We are on the 2nd floor but it's really the 3rd floor cause the bottom floor is called ground haha. Oh well all that matters is we can see the ocean out our window haha.

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  1. Sounds like another fabulous day. How handy to be able to use that wheelchair on the beach. xx


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