May 6, 2014

Day 20

Today was a planned shelling day. We loaded everything up and headed down to Bowman's Beach. It was a beautiful weather day. Low 80's and bright sunshine. The shells were fantastic. Jeremiah had a blast playing in the sand. Mom and me worked hard. She had a net and kept catching shells and throwing them up by Jeremiah. I stepped out into the ocean about knee deep and was using a sand sifter and going through them that way. Here is all the shells from my bag alone...
It was so much fun but wow was it a lot of work. About 2:30 my back decided it wanted to be done bending over any more haha. We had planned to go eat and then shell at a different beach. I forgot how hard it is to get sand off! So we hurried and ran back to the room. Jeremiah now weighed at least 3 tons haha. We finally got clean and went off to eat. We decided on this delicious Italian place. We needed a half an hour for it to open so we stopped at an antique store and a cute book store. I found some things to give my mom for mom's day. Shh don't tell her. I started to realize my arms were hurting and then I noticed the sun burn. Even Jeremiah has two spots that got burned. We always make sure to bath him in sunscreen but it was just so bright and with the water it still got two spots. He's 16 now and that's the 2nd time he's a little sun burn so I'm not too upset haha. My neck and sides of my face and my arms are burnt. Mom's legs got burnt. Just shows how hard we were working haha. It was a long fun fantastic day.

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