Jul 14, 2014

July WIPocalypse

Over the weekend was WIPocalypse but I was busy watching DVR and stitching away on what I hoped to be soon was a finish (which it was!). The last WIPocalypse check in was June 16th so let's see what I've been doing since then...

Snow Drifters by Stoney Creek (I want to do 2 Designs) - Worked on 2 Days
Grow Together by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) - Worked on 2 Days
Summer by The Cricket Collection - Worked on 9 Days and finally finished!
Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek - Worked on 3 Days
None -- 12 Days (At least my none number is better than last check in!!)

The pictures are in the post below this one other than my new finish...
This is Summer by Cricket Collection. I have Spring (on my wall now haha) and Winter already mounted. Autumn is the last one I need to do to be finished with this series. Now I have to see what is screaming the loudest for me to stitch it. I also purchased this cute chart...
It's from Artecy called Halloween Minis. A friend on Facebook was selling it and I just had to help her out by buying it of course haha. I think I'll do them as little individual ornaments instead than one big piece.

Now let's see what the topic question is this check in...It’s halfway to Christmas.  Do you start your holiday stitching this early?  If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?
I'm the kind of person that works on what I want to work on when I want to. I don't really do gifts of stitching for the holidays so I guess I would start that now if I had a deadline. Since no deadlines I stitch whatever is screaming loudest. Hope everyone has had a great month and got a lot of stitching done. See ya next check in.


  1. Congrats on the cute finish Katie. Love your new chart.


  2. Great finish as usual.

  3. Halloween minis is so cute! Love it. How kind of you to help your friend out like that. ;)

  4. I love that Halloween design and can't wait to see it stitched up!

  5. Beautiful finish! The new project looks like fun.


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