Jul 16, 2014

Stitching Questions

A fellow stitcher blog that I follow by Shebafudge posted these fun stitching related questions. I really enjoyed reading her answers and thought I would follow along...

Q1 - How did you start?  Who introduced you to cross stitching?
I was always a crafty person. I love walking through craft stores trying to find what I wanted to do next. I did latch hook rugs. Needlepoint. I noticed the counted cross stitch section was larger (at that time) than the needlepoint section so I stopped to take a look. There was a dragon and I just had to buy him and try it out. I taught myself and have been in love ever since. After I had my son in 1998 it was something I would pick up and do every night while sitting watching TV.

Q2 - Favourite theme or designer
I love fun bright colors. I thought I would love Teresa Wentzler until I realized how HARD her patterns are haha. I seem to change a lot. I love Bothy Cut Thru's. But I really tend to jump around and just stitch whatever I like most.

Q3 - What brand of floss do you use?
Good ol DMC. I enjoy the pretty threads and have used them for a few pieces but DMC is just fine for me.
Q4 - What is your fabric of choice?
28ct Jobelan Evenweave seems to win a lot. I do enjoy using hand dyed when I can find a piece that works. 
Q5 - Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
I'm a floss licker haha.
Q6 - What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?
I fell in love with Q-Snaps a long time ago and have used nothing since. 
Q7 - How many projects have you finished?
Wow I have no idea. I haven't kept as good of records and I wish I did. Just a quick count of 2006 and 2007 already had me over 100 so alot! I've done a lot of smalls though back then. I used to do exchanges with little 6x6 blocks of stitching. I would finish about 50 things a year. Now that it's just my own pieces or a few things for others I do about 30 things a year.
Q8 - How many completed works are hanging in your house?
20 right now. LOL big difference from the last question. I have a few baskets of ornaments and what nots.
Q9 - Do you stitch for gifts or for yourself?
Mix of both. I've done a lot of things for my mom but since we live together I guess it's for our house haha. 
Q10 - Favourite finished cross stitch piece
Wow I have so many.
My first finished Heaven and Earth designs makes me really proud.

Q11 - Worst experience whilst stitching?
I did model stitching for a long time for several different designers. I really enjoyed it until it became a job. I had a piece that I just hated and each stitch made me hate stitching. I didn't even want to work on my own stuff any more. When I realized what was going on I quickly quit and promised myself not to do it again. So far I've stuck to it haha.

Q12 - What do you love and hate about cross stitch?
I love how it calms me down. Something about forming a picture with X's makes me happy. I hate that I can't finish the 3,000 pieces I want to finish haha.

Q13 - Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitching?
No I don't think so.

Q14 - The first project, did you finish it?
No but I think I was close. I have no idea where it even is now. It was a Dimension Charts and Charms piece. This is what it was supposed to look like...
I think I had it almost done maybe. I wonder if I kept it after all these years. Maybe I'll find it one day.

Q15 - How do you store your floss?
2 ways. I have a bunch on plastic bobbins in Jammers. They used to be sold at Walmart in the Hot Wheel section. I have 3 of those. Then the ones not on bobbins they are in ziplock bags in 2 of Fred's boxes (my hubby has huge feet so that means he wears huge shoes and I get the awesome shoe boxes).

This was fun. Thanks for posting Sheba I enjoyed answering.


  1. I loved getting to know a little more about you Katie.


  2. I loved reading your answers Katie. We seem to have a lot in common in the way and things we stitch!


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