Sep 26, 2014

Locks Weekend

 Last weekend we had a mini vacation. Fred had some days of vacation he needed to use up. So mom and us hit the road and headed north. We went up to Mackinac, MI for one night. Jeremiah really enjoys it up there. We (minus Fred) had been there a few times and Fred hasn't been there since Jeremiah was probably 4 (he's 16 now). So Jeremiah was so excited about showing Fred some of his favorite places. We arrived in town in the early afternoon and had lunch at Jeremiah's favorite pizza place. There is a little museum upstairs of there so we went up there and Jeremiah showed Fred around. It was so cute to watch. Jeremiah was like a little tour guide. Then we did some shopping and bought fudge of course. We had dinner at a favorite Italian place and again Jeremiah was the little tour guide. Unfortunately we had some problems with our hotel so definitely won't be staying there again. In the morning we headed north to Sault Ste Marie most often referred to as Soo Locks.
This is a picture of what the locks look like from the sky. Lake Superior is on the top of this photo and the St. Mary's River is on the bottom. There is a 21ft drop between the lake and the river. The rapids on the right of the photo is what was originally there. These locks allow freighters to transport goods to so many places they couldn't reach before. The locks are 1,100 feet long. Some of the freighters that go through are 1,000 feet so it's AMAZING to watch. We saw probably close to 20 while we were there. Here is a picture of one going through...
We stayed in an adorable hotel within walking distance of the locks. We had visited here before but never stayed right in town. It was fantastic. Our hotel was in walking distance of restaurants and shopping. We also went to several lighthouses and at least 5 museums. We kept saying we were museum hopping haha. It was a fantastic peaceful vacation and I would love to go back!! I posted a lot more photos on my Facebook so if you are friends with me check it out. If not add me. The link to my Facebook is on the right bar somewhere haha.

This week has been crazy. The new fall TV shows started. So that's why this last weekend update was posted almost during the new weekend haha. I'm in love with Red Band Society a new show on Fox about kids living in this hospital. It seems like it would be a horrible sad show but really it makes me appreciate life and it's really heartwarming. I also love Forever. I just worry with the new shows that they will be canceled and all those questions you're dying to know the answers to will never be answered. I did give up on Utopia. It was making me pissed at the world. We get an opportunity to make a civilization and we fight and scream at each other. I would rather have fun watching TV not think of how sad the world is. What new ones are you watching? I like way too many haha. One night my DVR actually couldn't get everything in the time slot so I had to watch something on my tablet the next day. How sad is that?! This weekend will be a relaxing one. So hopefully I'll have a stitching update soon.


  1. Katie

    I'm with you on the TV programs. It seems as if there is a bumper crop of new and good programs this year plus my old favorites. At least I'm stitching to them and getting things further along.


  2. Sounds like a great mini vacation! I recorded Bones' season opener and wham! What a shocker!! I had to go online to get an explanation... unbelievable! Hugs!


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