Oct 11, 2014

Oops Vacation Day 3

I forgot to post yesterday so here is the catch up post. The final stretch to Myrtle Beach was just fine. We arrived safely at about 3pm. We were hungry so we went down to our favorite buffet Giant Crab. They have all you can eat crab legs which we just couldn't wait to eat. Even Jeremiah starting liking them. We did some driving around to waste time till it opened and was first in line to eat haha. It was delicious. Could be cause we were hungry but also helps it's great food. We ate like pigs. Then it was time to check in. This is our 4th year staying here at Springmaid Beach Resort. I'm disappointed with our room. I specifically asked for a high floor because of the ocean view and was told they would get us one. We are on the first floor but the view is fine so I didn't throw a fit. They told me they were booked. We've been here in October for the last 3 years and it's been busy but never CRAZY busy and boy this time it is CRAZY busy. So I figured if I did did throw a fit it would be a lost cause. We walked out on the fishing pier cause it's always neat to see the people catching fish. This time it was really weird cause they were catching big long eel looking fish. They were catching them one right after another and throwing them on the pier while they were reeling in the next one. I asked someone and they said they were Ribbon Fish. Never heard of them before that's for sure. They had long teeth too. They make sushi out of them another person told me. Yuck. But it was neat to watch them reeling them in.

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  1. Never heard of ribbon fish either. Now I know of a restaurant to entice my hubby should he ever come with me to MB! Hugs!


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