Oct 11, 2014

Vacation Day 4

This morning we woke up rested and ready to hit the area and start the sight seeing. We went down to Golden Egg they have an absolutely delicious breakfast. We noticed it was crazy busy. After we were totally miserable from all the good food off we went to hit 2 flea markets. We had a good time shopping even though we only purchased a few things. I also ran into a grocery store to buy some bottled water. It was HOT today I think 87. I was just getting used to long pants and fuzzy socks at home and now back to shorts and sweating. We decided to come back to our hotel and eat lunch on the pier. It's always been a nice restaurant but they changed it and made it a nicer sit down and order type of restaurant rather than a walk up counter. But the food was still fantastic so we were happy to see that. We came back up to the room and decided with the heat and all the sweating to go jump in the pool. They have 2 lazy rivers here on the property and Jeremiah and I just love those. So we gladly floated and cooled down for awhile. It felt fantastic. After that we jumped in the indoor pool cause it was warmer and why not we were already wet?! When we were getting ready to leave for dinner we remembered how crazy busy it is this time so we thought we might not want to lose our parking spot. (They are very hard to get here!) So within walking distance is a Damon's Steakhouse. So we walked there and had yet another fantastic meal. When we got back to our hotel there was a huge TV screen and 400 white chairs in the lawn. Curiosity was going to kill Jeremiah and me so I went downstairs to ask what was going on. A church is having a convention and they decided to have a movie night. They were watching Dolphin Tale. What a perfect setting for that even though I haven't been lucky enough to spot them yet I know they are out there. At least we are able to rest knowing what was going on haha. Plus no wonder the parking lot is so full!! Tomorrow the temperatures are going to be a lot better so I might survive after all haha.

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  1. Last year there was a convention for church people there too... Glad I stayed across the street. But coming for parking during the day was STILL a problem... At least the people were nice about it! Hugs!


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