Oct 21, 2014

Vacation Day 14

We slept in a little bit this morning and then went to our delicious breakfast at Jolly Roger. I found 2 t-shirts from the restaurant and just had to get them. We took the trip back down 12 to Cape Hatteras area. We took a ferry over to Ocracoke Island. They said it's a longer trip now because of how shallow the water is. The ferry kind of has to zig zag to get there. It was a really fun trip though. Once we got there Mom wanted us to go to this Blackbeard museum. Jeremiah was really looking forward to it cause he loves pirates. Here is a picture we got before going in...
It was really neat and Jeremiah really enjoyed it a lot. I think he accidentally learned a few things haha. I guess Blackbeard was killed here nearby. We watched a really interesting video about it at the museum. After the museum we went to see the Ocracoke Lighthouse...
After seeing the lighthouse we loaded back up on the ferry and started north. We were really hungry cause it was about 5:30pm before we got back. We keep forgetting it's an hour and a half to get to where our hotel is. We were pretty sure the quick ride there became endless to get back haha. Jeremiah joked about being stuck in the Groundhog Day movie cause it felt like we would never made it. We finally got back and after looking around we decided to go back to Jolly Roger. The food like I said is fantastic and there are so many options we wanted to try.


  1. How pirate-y does Jeremiah look? Great photo. You guys always have so much fun everywhere you go.

  2. HO HO HO, and a bottle of rum! Great picture of Jeremiah! How was the ferry ride? I get seasick on 'small' 19-footers, and was wondering how big the ferry is in comparison? Hugs!


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