Oct 20, 2014

Vacation Day 13

I finally am mostly caught up. Got 40 pictures loaded to my Facebook. Got my photo a day updated on Facebook. Got my blog caught up. I just might be back on top of this thing haha. Today we went over to Jolly Roger for our complimentary breakfast. It was DELICIOUS. Sometimes when they are free you worry you will get one little egg and a piece of toast. Jeremiah got 3 pancakes that filled his plate and bacon. I got delicious eggs, toast, and hash browns. So glad we will be forced to go back haha. After breakfast we headed to the grocery store. We needed those goodies you just can't live without. This room is so nice cause we get a full size kitchen. When we got done carrying all the goodies in we were messing around and right out our window was dolphins and pelicans. We all screamed excited of course...
I just love dolphins. Seeing them jump and play in the wild just makes me so happy. We were lucky enough to see several jump way up out of the water and just enjoy life. They just kept coming and coming. I bet we saw over 50 easy. Mom just LOVES pelicans and we saw so many of them too. I kept telling my mom I was going to go for a quick swim haha. Our hotel has floor to ceiling glass on the wall that looks out to ocean so boy you can sure see them when they pass by even from the couch or chair...
After awwing and ohhing at the beautiful ocean animals we hit the road to see what we could see. We drove down 12 and went to Cape Hatteras. We were surprised it's about an hour and half down to there from here but it's so beautiful you don't really notice. I'm glad we are staying in Kill Devil Hills cause it has a lot more restaurants than down there. We went to a shopping area and looked around a little bit and then headed back here for dinner. We ate at a Mexican place and it was really fantastic. After being totally miserable from all the good food we got back to our room for the night. I've been trying to catch up ever since haha. I think I've finally succeeded. Now to just keep caught up.


  1. Wow that view is gorgeous! I'm enjoying all of the updates!

  2. Beautiful pics!!!! And now I want to see your facebook ones. lol

  3. That is so great--that you guys got to see the dolphins enjoying life! People PAY to see that in boats!! Hugs!


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