Oct 20, 2014

Catch Up Day 11

Day 11 was the 18th. This is the catch up post.

This was the last day of the PALs stitching retreat so all I wanted to do was visit and stitch and I did just that. I kept working on Ghoul School. The post below shows where I finished for the day Friday. Here is where I got after stitching Saturday...
I just almost finished the first page. Too much fun talking and doing exchanges to finish the back stitching haha. I just had an absolute blast this year. It was so much fun talking to friends I've known for the 4 years I've attended but I also met so many new people this year. There were a lot of new people this year. That makes me really happy because it means it will keep growing for years to come. Unfortunately some of the regulars couldn't make it and I missed them a lot. I just love walking around and seeing what everyone is stitching and how they do it so differently. I really enjoyed my time and can't wait to attend next year!!! Saturday night we did two fun exchanges. The Christmas ornament and the stitched exchange. Here are the two I made...
Here is the piece I received in the Christmas exchange...
I just love the frame and the bow for the hanger. Here is the piece I received for the stitched exchange...
I just love biscornus and I was so excited this is what I received. The other awesome part is the lady who made it sit beside me for most the time and I really enjoyed getting to know her over the time. So it was extra special to have a piece made by someone I knew. There finally caught up on the retreat. Hope you can tell how much fun I had. If you can it's definitely a fantastic trip to make!!!!


  1. Love the exchange pieces, especially the Biscornu. Haven't seen that saying on anything yet... very nice! Hoping to make it back next year... we shall see!

  2. Good progress on your stitching and lovely exchange pieces:) glad to know that you are having a nice time there:)


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