Dec 17, 2014

Hope Update

I've been working on HAED Hold on to Hope for a bit. Here is where she is now. She is really coming along. This is 60 days progress now.

I've been playing with my stash and getting excited about next year's stitching plans. I've joined in 4 SALs for next year.

  • Measi's WIPocalypse - Stitching Together on the Full Moons
  • IHSW - International Hermit and Stitch Weekend - 3rd Weekend of Every Month
  • Turtle Trot - 10 WIP post a WIP picture on the 10th of every month 
  • HAP - Hosted by Cross Stitches Blog -  Work on a Huge A$$ Project - Post 1st of Month
I can't pick my Turtle Trot pieces till after Christmas in case I get any new projects that just demand to be added. Then I will have so much fun stash diving and picking out my Trot 10. I'm also going to do the challenge to start new projects for January in honor of SoCal Debbie. I still find myself watching for a blog update from her or a great comment on a post. I haven't seen an official sign up for that challenge just a lot of people talking about it. It's so amazing how many people were lucky enough to enjoy her blog.

Since Christmas is next week it's been crazy crazy busy. Hubby and I bought a new bed for a present to each other and it just got delivered today. Everything we ordered online has been received. I'm going to start wrapping things tomorrow so we might have something to unwrap when Christmas does arrive haha. Feel like we are doing a million things. I just keep taking deep breathes. We will get it all done. I hope.


  1. She's very pretty and coming along nicely. Looks like we'll be stitching together with Wipocalypse and HAP!

  2. She's looking pretty and I love that fabric!

  3. Hope's looking lovely. I think the title is something we all have to do.
    Have you asked for a good calendar for Christmas to keep track of all your SALs next year? What with Turtle Trotting, Full Mooning, IHSWing and HAPing I'd get really confused!
    I'll look forward to seeing you in the DUCJC. I had only just started corresponding with Debbie and thought her blog to be one of the most inspiring I read. Also, it's a good excuse to start loads of projects and not feel too guilty!!! :)

  4. Wonderful progress Katie. I started a Facebook SAL in honor of Debbie. You can start 31 in Jan. or continue and start 28 more in February. I thought you had joined. Here is the link. Please join us.


  5. Hope is just beautiful!
    You will be so busy with all these SALs, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. It will be fun seeing all your new starts progress :)
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time xxx

  6. Hope is looking gorgeous !! Good luck with your SAL s:)

  7. She looks adorable, Katie.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. You are making great progress on Hope! Have a very Merry Christmas! Hugs!

  9. Hope is looking great. I am looking forward to seeing what you choose for your Turtle Trot pieces next year. I always love your projects!


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