Dec 10, 2014

Last Turtle Trot

It's the last Turtle Trot of the year. We made a list of 10 projects to work on and update our progress on the 10th of the month. I had so much fun with this SAL. I really hope she continues it next year. So let's look back and see what my list was in January and how much progress I've made...

1. 99 by Ink Circles
Here is where I was...
Here it is now...
2. Christmas Snowfriends Banner by Stoney Creek
I had not started this until June so had no before picture.
Here is where I got...
3. Dog Wisdom by Bucilla
4. Grow Together by HAEDBefore...
5. Hold on to Hope by HAED
6. Hug the Dog by Stitching Bear
Started and Finished...
7. Pirate Ship by Bothy Threads
I hadn't started it yet. I started it January 24th. According to my count I worked on it the most days this year with 47 days. Here it is now...
8. Seasonal Fairies by Joan Elliott
These have made only a tiny bit of progress. I just wasn't feeling them this year.

9. Seasonal Word Pieces by Cricket Collection
I only had Spring Finished. Here is where I was on Summer...
I finished them all!
10. Snow Drifters Leaflet 2 Pieces by Stoney Creek
I had just started the one design called Have a Ball!
I finished that one but haven't started the 2nd one yet.
After finished Hug the Dog I added another one Let's go to the Beach by Imaginating and finished it...
Then I added Ghoul School by Glendon Place and here is where I got on it...
I also added Advent Animals by Brooke's Books. I've finished 7 of the Animals. They are on my finishes tab.

Finally I think I finished my update. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ♥ beautiful work ♥

  2. Hi Katie

    You've got some lovely wips there, congrats on your progress and finishes x

  3. Congrats on all the lovely finishes Katie. Great progress on all the others.


  4. You stitched a lot this year, Katie! Congrats on some spectacular progress--I love them all. We are on exactly the same bottle in 99!

  5. Nice finish o the seasons and progress on all the others. I love the snowmen, they're a real hoot")

  6. Wow!! You have done so much of stitching !! Lovely finishes too:) Great job!!
    You were adding more to the SAL and I was finding ways to reduce or carry over to the next year ;) haha

  7. Fantastic!! So much lovely projects, congrats on the finishes :)

  8. Lots of really fantastic stitching. You made amazing progress on some beautiful finishes.

  9. First of all....LOVE the turtle in the Santa hat!
    You have made such amazing progress on all your wonderful projects! You truly inspire me with every update.
    I'm looking forward to following your progress in 2015:)

  10. You have made fantastic progress on each of your pieces and it's nice to see so many finishes among them too! Here's to watching your stunning progress next year.... :)

  11. Wow, don't know how everyone else did but seems like you should get a prize, lol! Here's to next year!

  12. Great progress on them all! Do you have your list for 2015 yet???

  13. Great update! You certainly got a lot of stitching done this year on some great designs.


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