Dec 1, 2014

Weekend Progress

Here is the progress as of last night. I didn't get to stitch on Saturday since we ran out to do some Christmas shopping. Boy this piece takes brain power but I'm loving how it looks!

Fred worked Friday so no Black Friday shopping which I was so thankful for. I would rather spend more money than have to fight crowds. Saturday we ran out to Meijer and grabbed a few things. Fred got the outside Christmas lights and stuff up. It's starting to look like Christmas. We are getting a live tree again this year so we are going to wait till this weekend to get it so it lasts. We got all the fall decorations away and are getting the snowman out slowly. Love this time of year! All the lights and fun decorations. Today we went shopping at the kitchen table online haha. Love shopping without the crowds and in my pajama pants haha. Now the excitement of giving gifts is growing. Found some great deals and didn't have to carry the stuff or anything haha. Well I hope everyone has a great week ahead. I'll be back later with more progress on Seaside Stitches hopefully.


  1. Lovely stitching!!:) I too prefer shopping online. It's much easier and peaceful.

  2. Hello Katie

    This piece is looking awesome!
    Black Friday shopping was crazy over here!
    Online shopping is much easier.
    Have a good week x

  3. LOVE the stitching, the little seashells are just fab!!!
    Black Friday seems to have reached the UK... and it was mad!! People were crazy queueing overnight and then fighting to grab a bargain!! Probably something they didn't even need :P
    Give me online shopping anytime :D

  4. Wonderful progress Katie. Beautiful design.


  5. I too agree with online shopping in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. And it's usually cheaper!
    You're progressing really quickly with Seaside. Obviously you're settled with the new threads and stitches. :)


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