Feb 15, 2015

Found my Valentine

Yesterday I posted the picture I received for the Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop. The lovely lady who stitched it has stepped forward in the comment section of the post...

So glad that you like it, Katie. It is mine, I stitched it last year for an Initial heart swap. The green letters spell out Sharmayne, the name of my swap partner. hugs, Kaye

Here is a link to Kaye's Blog. It's a beautiful blog indeed. I was also able to find the heart I stitched up. Here is what I stitched...
I did this piece in 2006 for my son. It's from Seka's Designs and it's called Patriotic Heart. I always joke about my son being born patriotic so this design was perfect to stitch for him. Of course it lays in my bin of shame. I really need to do something with it. Anyway I loved stitching this. It's on 10ct fabric and has a lot of specialty stitches. I really enjoyed it a lot. This is the blog that I found my piece on.

Another fun blog hop complete.


  1. Lovely heart and hope you can get an idea for finishing.

    1. Thank you. Oh I have ideas just need the do it mood haha.


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