Mar 24, 2015

Finished # 2 Christmas Pals Ornaments

Finished March 23rd
Part 2 of 6 Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions
Used kit threads and 14ct Aida
Changed French Knots to Beads of Similar Color
Started kit for CJC Day 1.
Started # 2 Feb 28th. Took 3 Days.

He's finished! I really loved this one. I love penguins and purple! Well Jeremiah is doing slowly better. I have a lot of hope that he will be okay by the time we leave Monday. Mom had a doc appointment yesterday. If she had insurance she would have been hospitalized. They did give her something for nausea and today she is actually downstairs and out of bed. So hopefully that's a great sign too. I'm supposed to leave Thursday for my local retreat. I'm going to hopefully know more tomorrow afternoon. Right now I don't think I could leave her alone. Here's hoping she is better by tomorrow. I actually found the bottom of my laundry basket!?! I didn't even know there was a bottom haha. Tomorrow I'll have to pack so if I do go to my retreat I'll be ready to leave. Yesterday we got almost 3 inches of snow!! Welcome to Spring in Indiana. The weather guys missed this forecast. They said a light dusting. Oops. So it will be really weird packing shorts and capris. It will probably melt today or tomorrow cause it's warming up finally again. Well I'm off to see what is screaming Stitch Me today.


  1. Congrats on the finish it looks great! It's been in the 90s here lately so you'll definitely need those shorts. Today it's in the 80s and cloudy but I'm enjoying it ;)

  2. Fingers crossed that everyone's health improves and you can go stitching! Your finish is great!

  3. Congrats on the cute finish Katie. Hope everybody gets well soon.


  4. Your little "hairy" penguin is just so cute!!
    Hope your mum feels better too so that you can go on the stitching retreat :)
    Hope the snow disappear too, we all want heat & sunshine now!

  5. Great finish! I hope everyone gets better and you get to go to your retreat.

  6. Cute finish !! Congrats on reaching the bottom of laundry bag! :)

  7. Great finish! So cute;)

  8. Congratulations on your little finish. You know how much I love these little pals. So cute! :)


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