Mar 23, 2015


It was the last week of my HAED March Madness. I started 3 new HAED charts. Spending a week on each one. I gotta admit I got burned out toward the end. I found myself finding excuses not to pick up my stitching. Dragon Moon had some fun colors in it but Aquamarine just drug on. So I'm glad they are all started and I will now be happy to sit them aside and let them rest for awhile.

Anyway this is another artwork done by Nene Thomas. It's called Aquamarine and is now out of print since she decided to stop allowing her work be made into cross stitch by HAED. Here is where I got after the 5 days of working on her 1,233 stitches in...

Sunday I picked up the Christmas Pals Ornaments again. I'm working on the 2nd ornament of the 6. It's the Penguin in the bottom row...
Here is where I got on him after the 2nd day of work...
Life update. We are busy getting ready for our next vacation. I also have my local stitching retreat which I leave for Thursday morning. Then we are leaving Monday for the start of our Disney trip. We are taking our time and enjoying our way there. So I've been busy trying to get things done so I can be ready to leave. Shopping for the last goodies you can't survive without. Sorted what needs packed and what needs to be in the laundry to be packed. On top of it Jeremiah got sick. He hasn't left the couch for 2 days. Then yesterday my mom got it....bad. So I'm trying not to breath and trying to take care of both of them. Week from today guys. You both have to be better!!


  1. Love all your new HAED starts. Still miss the Heron. One of these days I am going to have to make it to retreat. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks. LOL Do you know what....I can't find him! Oh I wish you could. They are a great time.

  2. Love your progress on the HAED!
    Adorable little penguin, you know I love these pals :)
    Hoping Jeremiah & your mum feel better. Stay away from them, you wouldn't want to catch their germs so close to a Disney trip!!!! :D Enjoy the preparations, it's so exciting! Wish I was going with you all x

  3. Great progress on both pieces Katie. I still think you should take me with you on your trip. Hope they both get better soon.


  4. How did you find time to stitch with all that going on. Hope Jeremiah and your mom feel better soon. Really liking both your projects.

  5. Get better guys you can't be sick at disney! If you want to email me your schedule I can try to see if I'd be able to meet up

  6. Yikes! I hope you can stay healthy and great progress!

  7. Great progress on your pieces! Hope they both get well soon.

  8. These Christmas Pal ornaments are all so sweet. And wow, three HAEDs, that's a lot. BUt they are goreous. But I can understand that you need a pause from them from time to time.
    I hope your mom and Jeremiah will soon feel better.

  9. Oooh, I'm hoping they're on the mend now! Maybe they are trying to get it out of the way before the trip. And hopefully no one else catches it!

    Aquamarine is a lovely new start but three HaEDs! Good luck. :D

  10. Hope your mum and Jeremiah get well in time for your trip! And hope you stay well so that you can take care of them.
    I love those Christmas Pals, they're really cute. Maybe they will all be on your tree this year?
    Another blue HAED! I do really love Aquamarine though. It will be fun to stitch once you get to the fish.

  11. I hope aquamarine doesn't stay hidden for too long - all those little fishes need to come out to play! :)


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