Apr 4, 2015

April WIPocalypse

Guess what time it is....WIPocalypse time. The last WIPocalypse was March 5th. I like to share how many days I've worked on what projects during that time span. So what have I been working on?

I started 3 new HAED's for the first 3 weeks in March.
Dragon Moon - Worked on 5 Days
Dragon Skies - 6 Days
Aquamarine - 5 Days

I finished # 2 of the Christmas Pals Ornaments after 2 days of work.
Wish Upon a Starfish - 1 Day
Mill Hill Kit - started and finished in 1 Day
Think Big - 3 Days of work
HAED Selkie got 1 Day of work
I did no stitching at all 6 Days. Not bad there.

I will definitely have more non stitching days the next check in because of vacation. But I actually had time to pick up my stitching today. I started a freebie from Yiotas Xstitch of a dolphin. How perfect since this morning we spotted dolphins from our hotel room balcony. They finally stopped by to say Hello!

Measi also setup fun little prompts for us to answer. Here is the question for this check in...Which specialty stitches do you love doing on projects?  Which do you dread? I really love learning new stitches. Just depends on the instructions. As long as I can figure them out I enjoy them. The only one I really dread I guess is french knots. I swear I could do 100 and they would all look so different. Sometimes they come out perfect. Most the time they don't. I really love the look of beads though so I tend to just change them to beads instead.


  1. I hear ya on the French knots! Mine are exactly the same. Or not.

  2. I used to hate French knots too, but have come to accept them now. You are brave starting so many HAEDs at once, I haven't even had the courage to start one yet!

    1. I have come to accept them too just I accept beads look better haha. They are really fun but I've noticed it's either a love or hate thing.

  3. Most of us don't like french knots.

  4. Three new HAED's! I'm terrified by the thought of it!

  5. French knots indeed...and a gazillion backstitches, ugh:(

    1. I like backstitching when it makes the pattern pop. Sometimes the designer can make it really difficult though.

  6. I don't know how you find the time to start 3 new HAEDs. Wow. I must be the only person who actually likes French knots.

  7. Not one but three HAED! Wow, you will be busy.
    I'm OK with a single French knot but multiples are just too much work to get them all the same size. So it's beads for me too.

  8. 6 days without any stitching - shame on you!! Mind you, the rest of your work has been good with progress, new starts and finishes. I'll forgive you not being able to stitch so much in April. I think you have a good excuse! :)


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