Apr 4, 2015

Vacation Day 6

Today was a hard day. It's been 2 years since my Grandmother passed away. So it was very nice to be able to watch the sunrise from our balcony over the ocean. She knew how much my mom loved the ocean and she would be glad we are able to be here today. I went out to send my thoughts to her and I was very happy to spot several dolphins. I believe my Grandma was sending her thoughts right back.

We then went back over to St Simon's Island. We needed a Walmart. Boy was it busy. We needed a TV Guide so we could call home and have my hubby setup the DVRs. $160 later boy that was an expensive TV Guide haha. We found some clothes and some other things we just couldn't live without of course like more sunscreen. After shopping we drove and tried to find this little and I mean little BBQ place...
It's called Southern Soul Barbecue and it has been featured on many TV shows including Diner's, Drive Ins, and Dives. So guess what......it was delicious!!! The short time we were there the line never got shorter. We overheard a family say they had drove 2 hours just to eat here. We were really glad we were able to find it. The trolley guy had told us about it the other day.

On our drive around we also spotted another trolley stop but this time I could jump out and take some photo's...
The site of the Bloody Marsh Battle was something we had learned about in our schooling. I didn't realize it was located right here. It was amazing to stand where it had all happened. We got gas and headed back to our hotel. It's really busy here since it's Easter weekend. Plus we got an afternoon storm today. So we hooked up the laptop and watched some movies together. Another wonderful day.


  1. What a lovely place to remember your Grandmother in. The BBQ place sounds awesome! You always find such fun things to do.

  2. Sounds like a great day and a wonderful way to remember your Grandma.

  3. Looks like you had another great day! That bbq place really look like a great place for some yummy food :)

  4. That's so sweet, I know your grandma felt so loved by you all.

    1. Thank you. We miss her so much.

  5. More lovely sights, weather and food! I'm glad the dolphins put in another appearance too. :)


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