Apr 18, 2015

Day 20

Today it was time to start the trek home. Fred flew from Orlando to Chicago and then to home. He got up and had breakfast then grabbed a taxi to the airport. I got up and was in the process of waking up and Mom came running out of the bathroom saying You aren't going to believe this?!? There was a lizard on the toilet. The whole time we've been on vacation we have just LOVED watching the lizards. They are everywhere but on your toilet they aren't appreciated. Of course she had just been in there so the creepy factor was extra high. She shut the door and put a towel down to keep him in the bathroom. We got to talking about how the house cleaning staff probably wouldn't be very nice to him or wouldn't even notice him. We started to feel bad for him being stuck inside (of course he got in I bet he could get out haha). So I went in armed with a glass and paper for the "lid". I was really worried he would jump at me or something when I reached down to him. I leaned down. I held the cup up. This little adorable lizard went Oh Okay you are helping me to get outside and just walked right in the cup...
He was so little. When we put him outside we noticed he quickly ate a bug so he might have been inside for awhile. Poor little guy. I'm glad he understood and let me help him out. Maybe Jeremiah being a Senior Wilderness Explorer helped out haha. We loaded up and hit the road north. Evidently so did a million other people cause the road was really really busy. Plus we had a long 5 and half hour drive today. Few times 95 became almost a parking lot and we went a very fast speed of 15mph haha. But we arrived safe and sound. We are following the same path home as we came here since we know the hotels. So we are back at Walterboro, South Carolina tonight.


  1. Wow! What an experience. Glad you saved the lizard and safe travels!

  2. Ah, you were so kind to the lizard, but how creepy! Glad the first leg of your journey home went well despite the traffic jams. :)

  3. My boys love lizards and wanted to go back to the place we went to on holiday last year (Ibiza) so they could see the lizards again. One ran through my sandal while I was wearing it so I'm less keen on them. Safe trip xx

  4. I would have freaked out.. even though I know they don't hurt anyone :)
    Best place for it: outside. You did a right thing!


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