Apr 19, 2015

Day 21

This was what our drive today looked like. Actually for some of it the rain was so hard we couldn't see and the fog blocked the vehicle right in front of us. But we survived. It was another 5 hour day and boy we were tired from the start with the grey blah skies.

When we arrived at our hotel we turned on the Weather Channel. A city we had just been in about 2 hours ago was having tornadoes!! Boy we lucked out with just rain and fog!! Walterboro, SC (where we stayed just last night) is under a Tornado Watch till 8pm tonight! Since it rained all day here the heating couldn't kick up the bad storms. So thankful!! Now we are resting. Tomorrow we have a short day of traveling but it's a lot of mountains and it's supposed to be rainy again so I hope we can have the same good luck as today but if it's not too much to ask it would be nice if it waited until we were done in the mountains. 2 more sleepies until we are home!


  1. I'm so glad your family is safe. The rest of your trip has been perfectly perfect! I'll keep my fingers crossed for safe travels for you.

  2. That's horrible weather for a long drive but it does sound as though you're one day ahead of the worst weather. How awful would it have been if you had experienced weather like that at Discovery Island or Disney! I hope your next day of driving is safe too. :)

  3. Oh dear! It really means the holiday is over, doesn't it? Not nice to drive with such conditions. Safe journey back home!

  4. Lucky you missed the tornado warnings and I hope today is better.


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