Jul 10, 2015

Turtle Trot, WIPocalypse, and HAP SAL

Today is the 10th so that means it's Turtle Trot Time. (I found this awesome sea turtle made out of bottle caps on Bing Image Search.) I also missed a check in for WIPocalypse and HAP SAL so I'm including those here too. Let's see what I've been up since the last check in on June 2nd...

HAED Hope - 5 Days
Christmas Pals Ornaments - 3 Days (Finished and Started # 3)
HAED Selkie - 7 Days
Spring WordPlay - 6 Days (Finished!)
Advent Animal SAL - 3 Days (Started and Finished Day 9)
Wave Dancer - 3 Days (New Start)
None - 10 Days (Not bad!)

Now let's go through my Turtle Trot list.

1. 99 - No progress this time.

2. Advent Animals SAL - You can go to this post to see the first 8 I stitched last year along with the new one I just finished # 9.

3. Christmas Pals Ornament - You can go to this post to see the latest finish. Now I only have 3 left to complete.

4. Cut Thru Ship - No progress this time either.

5. Hold on to Hope HAED
She is really moving along.

6. Mill Hill Kits (Do one a month) - I missed getting one done in June so hopefully I'll be able to finish 2 this month.

7. Seasonal Wordplays - I finished Spring!! Just need to do the other 3 seasons.
8. Selkie HAED - Here she was at the beginning of May...
Here she is now...
Actually yesterday I finally got to some new colors. I reached the rocks!!! But I don't want to take her out of the Q-Snaps yet so you'll have to wait to see that update. I literally said Wohoo out loud though haha.

9. Snow Drifters Leaflet - No progress this time.

10. Wave Dancer - I started this one and here is where I got...
For the WIPocalypse we get questions to answer too.
What type of things do you like to stitch Reality or Fantasy. Which do you prefer to stitch? Figures or Abstract?

If you have been here long you know I love Fantasy. I also love animals. I seem to stitch them more than anything. Thanks for hanging in there for my thrown together SAL post. Now off to stitch more for the next update.


  1. I love Hope, she is really cute!

  2. I love the Spring flower, and I'm completely amused that "fever" features so prominently.

  3. Nice progress Katie.


  4. Adore the blues in Hope. I can only imagine your joy at reaching the rocks LOL.

  5. Great updates on everything!

  6. Spring wordplay is beautiful:) great progress on your HAED piece !!

  7. All your projects are wonderful, Katie, and your stitching is beautiful!
    I especially love Hope and your Spring seasonal wordplay.

  8. You know I love Hope...nice to see she has been out again! Hurray for the rocks!

  9. Lovely WIPs, Hope is so beautiful!

  10. Wow, I bet Selkie is going to be lovely. I do not envy you stitching all that blue though. Great job at persistence!!!

    1. Thank you. It will be worth it in the end.


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