Aug 22, 2015

Day 16

Today we headed south along the coast. The fog was kind of lifting finally but the rain settled in for the rest of the weekend. We are staying in Wells now and found a hotel right on the ocean. We got all settled in and found out they have a trolley system too. On our way here we went through Kennebunk and they had a million little cute stores. So tomorrow we should be able to jump on the trolley and go right to the shops. The best part of this new hotel is the internet is a million times better than our last hotel. It's been really frustrating at the other hotel. So I'll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff hopefully.


  1. Sorry the rains following you. It's been really rainy down here too but it always does in summer down here. Have fun shopping!

  2. Have fun exploring Kennebeck!

  3. Boo to the rain (being a west coaster I know what a pain it is) but I'm glad it's not stopping you. Enjoy your shopping.


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