Oct 3, 2015

Day #4

Boy we lucked out today. We woke up to a beautiful day. So we decided to head down to Hatteras area. Along the way we saw a lot of flooding...
The tractors spend the whole day putting the sand back where it goes. Guess what they do the next day? Put it back again. What an endless job. With sand on both sides of the highway the water has no where to go. There wasn't any spots we couldn't pass by though so we really lucked out. Kill Devil Hills was definitely lucky in all this flooding lately. We actually couldn't go to the Hatteras Lighthouse. They had the road closed to get right up to it. But we stopped along the way and watched the kite surfers in the sound where the water was safe. When we got down to Hatteras the waves were AMAZING...
Pictures don't do them justice at all. They were 10-12 feet tall. They were just breathtaking. We got caught in a quick downpour but Jeremiah and me just laughed and laughed. Sometimes you just have to play in the rain. Otherwise it was a nice day. We came back to our room and cleaned off. Then we went out to a restaurant that has DELICIOUS crab legs. So I was happy! Jeremiah had some too. After that we stopped at a grocery store and got a few things. Right now tomorrow's weather sounds not so lovely but we'll just have to wait and see. Today was a great day.


  1. Sounds like fun! But I love rain lol we may actually get some tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. What a shame you couldn't get to the Lighthouse but at least you made up for it in other ways. I bet those large waves were almost hypnotising. :)

  3. That sounds amazing! Glad you stayed safe.

  4. Wow! Massive waves and glad you had a fun day even with a little rain.


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