Oct 4, 2015

Day #5

Our luck ran out today. This morning the wind picked up and they were predicting storms in the afternoon. Last night when we stopped at the grocery store we picked up stuff for breakfast here at our room. So we just kind of laid around this morning and watched the waves out the safety of our window. At lunch time we went out and went to this little BBQ place. We had a delicious lunch and brought some for carry out back to our room for dinner so we wouldn't have to go back out if we didn't want to. When we left the restaurant the storm really started to pick up.

When we got back to our room the wind was really blowing hard. Mom and me tried to walk out to the "beach" by our hotel...
The top picture shows how the walkway was sandbagged and you could see the waves coming through. They said they winds were about 50mph. I believe them since I could barely make it through the walkway. It created a wind tunnel too which made it worse. I finally forced my way through and got the bottom picture...the "beach" behind our hotel. The piece of wood near the camera wasn't there and then a wave poked it right into the sand. I was glad I wasn't standing there when it did. I got some video of the amazing waves and then we ran back to the safety of our room. After a little bit the rain started pouring down.

So we've had a nice day of relaxing instead of anything else. We watched some TV shows together on my laptop. Now Jeremiah and me are looking forward to the Fear the Walking Dead finale tonight. We are hearing about a lot of closed roads around us so hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get where we want to go.


  1. Wow that's nuts! Glad you had a relaxing day though

  2. So, not a completely pleasant day then?!! Thank goodness you had the comfort of your room to watch the rain from! Fingers crossed for more clement weather tomorrow. :)

  3. At least you were safe, warm and fed in your room! Stay safe today.

  4. Yikes! Glad you were safe and your room and had prepped for an inside day with the groceries.

  5. Weather is turning nasty!
    So closed to your hotel!


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