Oct 27, 2015

October WIPocalypse

Today is a WIPocalypse check in. I've been so busy I haven't checked in for a WIPocalypse since JULY!! So let's take a look what I've worked on since July...

Snow Drifters -- 5 Days
HAED Hope -- 5 Days
HAED Selkie -- 4 Days
Ghoul School -- 2 Days
Summer WordPlay -- 5 Days and Finished
Christmas Pals Ornaments -- 5 Days. Finished 4th of the 6.
Embers -- 4 Days
Let's Be Wicked -- 4 Days
Foxwood Crossings Bead Birds -- 4 Days

I'm not going to even both with counting up the no stitching days because there have been way more than I can count easily haha. With camping and vacations and what not I always lose time those warm months. Now it's cooling down outside which means hermit mode a lot more often. Vacations are done until May other than little mini vacations for just the weekend here and there. So hopefully my stitching will take off again.

Measi has thought up awesome questions for us to talk about with our check in's. Here's this month's question... Are there any fibers or materials used in stitching that you’re nervous to try?

I'm nervous about stitching on 40ct gauze. I have 3 Erica Michaels pieces in my begging to be stitched pile. I got a lot of great advice from the designer and a few other wonderful ladies at PALs and now I'm really looking forward to trying it. But it definitely makes me nervous. As far as fibers they don't make me nervous really. I enjoy working with silks the only thing that makes me nervous about them is running out and needing more since they are expensive.

Well hopefully I'll have a better check in for November. Better get to stitching.


  1. When you put all your stitching time together like that it shows what a busy bee you have been in spite of various vacations. You've done well over the summer, but like you said, stitching time now starts to increase. Looking forward to seeing what you work on for the rest of the year. :)

  2. Lots of good stitching days! I'd be nervous about that too but isn't it a tougher fabric? I thought I heard that somewhere. You can do it!

  3. You've achieved a lot even with your travels. Well done.

  4. You have been busy on various projects considering you've been away on holiday!!
    Let's see how well you can do in the coming up months :)

  5. I've stitched on 40 count quite often but not on the silk gauze. I believe you have to stretch it to keep it taut?
    Good luck with it, look forward to the photos.

  6. Love the project. Good luck with the 40 count.

  7. I too have many 40ct. silk gauze projects that have not been started. I'm told it's not as bad as I imagine, but waiting for others to try it. You'll have to let us know if you start one soon.

  8. Looking forward to your 40ct. Bravery and creativity are your strength, lol. With all the beautiful finishes i've seen you post, I never would have imagined you lacked stitching days, your a fast one:)


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