Dec 28, 2015

Let's Be Jolly Finish

Finish # 24 December 28th, 2015
Let's Be Jolly by Ursula Michael
Started for CJC Jan 6, 2015
Fabric 28ct Antique White Jobelan
Used Suggested DMC 666, 796, 970, 995. Took 8 Days.

I decided to pick up my needle and thread today finally after goofing off since Christmas haha. I was able to finish off Let's Be Jolly so I just had to pop in and show him off. Another CJC piece marked off the list. So that makes 10 of 15 now. I'm sure it will be my last finish for the year. Can't wait for my new starts coming Friday since I'm joining in the 31 new starts for DUCJC this year.

So my Christmas started interesting this year. We were packing up to head down to my Dad's house and I tripped and fell down the steps. Not just a few steps. All of them. I hit every step on the way down with my neck and back. Ouch. But luckily I didn't do near as much damage as we had all thought I did. My mom was watching from the top of the steps and I scared her near to death. I was bruised and sore but I luckily didn't break anything. What a dork. I've definitely been more careful on the steps since. We had a very nice visit with my Dad and family. We were spoiled and shared a lot of laughs. We got home safe and sound Christmas Eve evening and hurried to bed. Christmas morning we were spoiled rotten and then some. 

Jeremiah got the Xbox games he wanted, new computer chair for gaming, several Walking Dead building sets (like Lego but a different company), new shelf to display his new sets on, and lots of other stuff. Fred got some metal Star Wars models, some coloring books for adults, lots of clothes, and some new movies. I got coloring books for adults and new colored pencils, new pair of gingher scissors, several cross stitch patterns that have been added to my new 2016 UCJC list of course, and some movies. Fred and I also got one another a new camera and it's a million times better than our old one. We have enjoyed learning everything it can do. I'm sure I'm missing stuff but like I said we were all spoiled rotten so I know I can't list everything. 

So we've been building, coloring, sorting, watching new movies, laughing, playing, and just plain having a great time. Fred finally (haha) goes back to work tomorrow. He only has a 3 day work week though since he gets Friday off for New Years Day. We are already planning on a movie marathon and I will finally get to start a new DUCJC piece haha. The torture of waiting for that fun is agonizing. Oh I also got a new printer and I've been able to make my own copies of my patterns instead of having to pay for them at the copy store. Tomorrow I will make the final organization of my new starts for January. I can't wait. Well that's a quick glimpse at what I've been up to. Now back to being lazy.


  1. Very pretty finish, congrats! Do be careful, that fall was scary. Looks like everyone got a good Christmas, so many presents! Looking forward to your 2016 stitching, Happy New Year:)

  2. Great finish!! 2/3 done of the challenge pieces, that's impressive. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself badly, how scary for all of you! I'm so excited to start 2016 for stitchy reasons too!

  3. Beautiful finish I'm glad you're okay! I fell down my steps at prom lol. I'm really clumsy. I can't wait to see your new starts!

  4. Glad to hear you survived your fall without anything seriously damaged. You must have had a fright!
    Your latest finish is gorgeous, I love those Word Play designs. 10 out of 15 finished is brilliant especially with all the BAPs you stitch too!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing your UCJC choices!

  5. Congratulations on another finish Katie, he looks wonderful! I can't wait to see what you stitch up for your 31 new projects, especially as some of them were Christmas presents. Only three days to wait now.
    As for your fall, you be careful young lady! I'm so glad you're OK though. Just imagine if you'd hurt your hands or wrists and couldn't stitch? Sounds like you were very lucky. :)

  6. Adorable finish! Looking forward to seeing your 2016 starts.
    So glad you didn't hurt yourself badly when you fell!
    Happy New Year to you and your family:)

  7. Hope you are not too sore after your fall.
    Super finish, he does make me smile.

  8. My daughter tripped and fell while hiking in the woods just before Christmas... is wearing an air cast and using crutches! Icing it several times a day, in much pain... they said it was a bad sprain! You were blessed not to have had any major injuries from your tumble down the stairs!! Phew! Sounds like you had a great Christmas, and have plenty to keep you busy during the colder times ahead! Hugs!

  9. P. S. cute snowman finish!!

  10. Congratulations on your latest finish! That little snowman looks fantastic :) Glad you didn't hurt yourself badly with that fall, that could have seriously spoiled your Christmas. Looking forward to seeing your new starts for the CJC :)

  11. Great finish and a cute snowman. I'm so glad you didn't hurt yourself badly with that fall - hope the pains and bruises don't last long. Sounds like a terrific Christmas and equally good plans for New Year's. Enjoy!

  12. Enjoy your new year's marathon. Stitch away the evening and relax.

  13. Sorry about the fall Katie. Glad to hear you that you weren't hurt bad. Congrats on another great finish. I'm happy that your joining me in the challenge next year.


  14. Your snowman is cute, Katie.

    Certainly sounds like you had a great Christmas! Curious... What brand of colored pencils did you get?

    A new camera and you only showed one pic? ;-)

    And I see you have a new profile photo. It looks great!

    Glad you didn't get hurt too badly falling down the stairs. It sounds like something I'd do... and have done... many times. LOL

    Happy New Year!

  15. Sorry to hear about the fall and good that you were fine and enjoyed the Christmas goodies. I can see the joy of new year long weekend on your face just by reading your plans :)
    Do you all do colouring often? You mentioned lots of colouring books. I printed one free colouring page, but never got time to work on it.

  16. Oops, forgot to mentioned the important thing....your snowman is adorable:) congrats on the finish and good luck with the SAL for 2016!!

  17. Love your snowman finish! :) And, I am so glad you are okay after that fall down the stairs. Was The Secret Garden one of your new adult coloring books? Sounds like the end of this week will be a relaxing one. Enjoy!

  18. This snowman looks just gorgeous, a great finish.
    Very scary to read about your fall down the stairs, so good that you just had bruises (which can be very painful, too) and didn't break anything.
    Enjoy all your gifts from Christmas!

  19. Ouch, sounds like a painful end to the year!
    The Snowman looks great though and the rest of Christmas sounds wonderful too.


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