Dec 26, 2015

Stitching Recap for the Year

First off I want to say a huge Wohoo to how fantastic my Christmas was. I'm so thankful for how much fun we had. We were all spoiled rotten and then some. If there is a few steps above spoiled rotten I'm pretty sure we are that. Now the challenge of what to play with first hits. Anyway I noticed on my calendar that it was time for the last WIPocalypse of 2015. Last year I had a lot of fun calculating up what I had worked on all year. So I just had to do it again. Let's see what I worked on all year...

99 by Ink Circles - 3
Always Thankful by Erica Michaels - 8
Aquamarine by HAED - 5
Blackwork Dragon by Dragon Dreams -7
Advent SAL by Brookes Books - 3
Christmas Pals Ornaments by Dimensions -25
Cut Thru Pirate Ship - 2
Dog Wisdom by Bucilla - 6
Dolphin Freebie by Yiotas XStitch - 3
Dragon Moon by HAED - 8
Dragon Skies by HAED - 6
Embers by FireWing Designs - 4
Fall Wordplay by Ursula Michael - 3
Family Blessing by Needle Bling Designs - 1
Foxwood Cardinals by Foxwood Crossings - 4
Ghoul School by Glendon Place - 2
Hold on to Hope by HAED - 22
Inner Tube by Mill Hill - 3
Let's Be Jolly by Ursula Michael - 7
Let's Be Wicked by Ursula Michael - 7
Life w/o Snow by Stoney Creek - 17
Paw Print by AAN - 1
Selkie by HAED - 33
Small Mill Hill Kits - 7
Spring Wordplay by Ursula Michael - 7
Summer Breeze by Mill Hill - 1
Summer Wordplay by Ursula Michael - 6
Think Big by Heritage Crafts - 6
Tribal Fire Helmet by White Willow - 8
Wave Dancer by Dinky Dyes - 3
Winter Wordplay by Ursula Michael - 4
Wish Upon a Starfish - 3

So according to my chart I've stitched 225 days worth in 2015! Last year I did 192 days worth. Does that mean I've been more lazy this year? haha Or I'm just better at working in my stitching hours in the evening hopefully. It's been a wonderful year for my stitching. I've had 23 finishes on my finishes page. I've definitely fell in love with the wordplay designs and Ursula Michael this past year. 32 different projects popped onto my Q-Snaps this year. I can't wait to see what I work on next year! Hope you join me to cheer me along. Now I have to get back to playing with my new goodies.


  1. Well done on your achievements for this year. Wishing you a stitch filled 2016 too.

  2. Great achievement - some wonderful projects on your list too. xx

  3. Hooray, that's a lot of stitching done! I enjoyed following each of your projects and your Ursula Michaels designs are indeed great, you finished them up so fast. Here's to another year of stitching fun:)

  4. Great job of stitching all but 10 days! I definitely didn't meet that goal! I can't wait to see how you do next year and what projects you choose

  5. I'm so glad you all had a lovely Christmas. You haven't said, but I hope some of your new "toys" were stitching related??
    I love lists and yours is a fantastic way of recapping your year of successful stitching and finishes. Well done!
    I've made a similar list but it's much longer and MUCH more boring! Here's to an even more successful stitchy 2016 - cheers! :)

  6. What a fantastic year you've had! Wishing you much stitchy success in 2016!

  7. A great year in stitching for you !! Wish you good luck for 2016 with more stitching :)

  8. A very productive stitching year! Here is to another good one :) Enjoy playing with your Christmas presents!

  9. Wow, you did a lot of stitching this year! That's great! It's been fun to page back through your blog to see your WIPs and finishes.

  10. Such a great stitching year for you. It's very satisfying to look back and see how productive the year was, isn't it?

  11. Wow! That is a lot of stitching,well done.Wishing you a Happy New Year and plenty more stitching.

  12. Can't wait to see what you have lined up for 2016!

  13. That's a great list! I'm not quite sure what these "no stitching" days are though!
    I'll be doing my pie chart on the 31st and maybe another type of chart for the whole year!

  14. Wow you got alot done in 2015. I enjoy reading your blog and will continue to watch your progress in 2016


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