Sep 16, 2016

September WIPocalypse

It's WIPocalypse time again! Time to step back and see what I've been working on since my August check in or what haven't I been working on haha.

Year of Whimsy Leaflet -- 4 Days of work. I got the August one finished up...
No chance to start the Sept one yet. But so far so good at keeping up.

Elshire Family Crest -- 6 Days of work. Here is where I was last check in...
Here it is now...
Got the column filled in and most of the next column on the page. Love seeing this one move along.

Exchange Projects for PALs -- 3 Days. I need to do a Halloween piece, Christmas piece, and a Biscornu. I was able to get the Christmas Ornament stitching finished yesterday. Here is the picture of it...
It's from the JCS Christmas 2016 Ornament Issue. It's over 1 on 32ct evenweave. The thread is a Carrie's Creation thread called Clover. Now to get the Halloween one stitched so I can finish finish both of them. I'm thinking of doing little pillow ornaments.

It's been a busy busy time. 10 days with no stitching time. But progress is progress I keep telling myself. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great stitching again. Love the tree ornament finish, so sweet.

  2. The tree is lovely and will suit a pillow ornament. It's always a bit of a pain when life gets in the way of stitching, but who wants to miss out on life?

  3. Progress is Progress.And your Crest is looking wonderful and what a great choice for your Christmas ornament

  4. Looks like a productive month to me! I love that bear with his rubber ring. Your Christmas tree is beautiful.

  5. You still made lot of progress in busy times! All are pretty!

  6. You have still managed to do quite a lot of stitching despite being busy :)
    Love the little tree, it will be perfect for your pillow ornament set.

  7. Lots of progress on your pieces.

  8. Yes, progress is progress! And you have made plenty!

  9. Great progress on your family crest! Love the tree and the bear .... they are both very cute!
    Barbara xx

  10. Great work this month. I really like the little swirly tree.
    The topic this month was a Piece with a Memory for you.

  11. Lovely progress on everything. I especially love the tree :)


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